Some Queen related items for Sale in the Online Store

I have some items for sale in a new section of the site which Queen fans might be interested in. A Brian May Effects pedal and also some sixpences which guitarists may like to get hold of as that is what Brian uses as a plectrum.

The Brian May Guitar Effects Pedal

The Digitech Brian May guitar effects pedal helps you to achieve the distinctive Brian May Sound. this Digitech pedal models seven of the signature sounds that Brian May produced while playing with Queen, plus there are variations of those sounds, e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody solo and Heavy etc. You can recreate Brian May’s Red Special guitar sound with this pedal.

The DigiTech Brian May pedal features 7 control knobs including Gain, Level, Treble, Bass, Control, Guitar, and Model so the pedal lets you dial in the exact tone.

The songs / tones you can recreate include;

Keep Yourself Alive (2 tones)
Bohemian Rhapsody (2 tones)
Tie Your Mother Down (2 tones)
We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2 tones)
Wembley version of his “Brighton Rock Solo” (2 tones)
Deacy amp tone from “A Winter’s Tale.” (2 tones)
This product includes;

a Brian May Black signature gig bag
a power supply
2 English sixpence pieces for use a plectrums (as per Brian)
Original Instruction book.
Weight 3.4lbs.


1 in stock


The British Sixpece Piece

The British sixpence has a nice serrated edge and Brian may uses this to create his distinctive guitar sound.

Brian May started playing with a British sixpence coin after experimenting with a few different types of plectrum all with different widtgs and gauges.
He settled on using a coin, specifically the sixpence, because he said he had “total contact with the strings”, plus the serration added a new type of sound which a plectrum could not give.

34 in stock

I may have some more items to add to the store in the coming weeks so stay tuned… I will only be listing items of interest to Queen fans.

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