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Last week, Irish Queen Tribute Band ‘Qween’ Released an Epic Cover and Film Production of the Queen Song ‘Let me Live’ from the album Made in Heaven, which included a Cast From 16 Countries.

Lockdown was hard enough without all our live gigs being axed, so Queen tribute Qween decided to cover a lockdown version of ‘Let Me Live’. Instead of just shooting a boxed version of a video (just like everyone else did during lockdown) they decided to go all out and do a full film production. On top of that, they decided to include performances from fans and musicians in from 16 countries. This was a bold statement that ‘even though live music is on hold, musicians (including Qween) are still here to entertain you‘.   The track and accompanying music video was entirely home made with the help of contributors working on music and film footage from home.

“Queen united the world in song and this is our attempt to do the same. We’ve been blessed with contributions from across the planet. Musicians working to simply say we’re ready to entertain when you can”… “It’s not for us as musicians to offer any scientific or political comment on the current situation. We’re solely entertainers and our only message here is to keep safe, follow the guidelines and we’ll be back to get you dancing again when it’s safe”

Thomas Brunkard

Qween Guitarist

There have been many artists and groups who have done these lockdown videos, Brian May himself did a few on his own and also in collaboration with Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert, but non have done such a superb job of creating something truly flamboyant … deserving of being a Queen video. As Freddie said, “You can do anything with my legacy, but never make me boring.” This video is anything but boring and inlcudes a dash of humour, a not to past events such as Brian May on the roof of Buckingham Palace and also clips of guest contributors singing and playing … you might even spot me guesting on Hammond Organ, and I was delighted to do so.


I myself am involved in a few musical bands / musical projects and from the first moments in March we knew that liver performances would be hit – I don’t think anyone thought it would be so long before we could even think of returning to doing what we love … playing live.  So it this video comes at a good time to remind us that the Arts has been one thing which has got many thorough the pandemic.


Well done to Qween and all involved in a wonderful result


The Qween music video of ‘Let Me Live’ can be viewed online here: or my clicking the video below.


Watch ‘Let me Live’ by Qween


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