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Queen are being honoured with a Royal Mail issued set of stamps, which makes them only the 3rd Band after The Beatles and Pink Floyd to have been commemorated on an official Royal Mail issued collection.

This official Queen issue of commemorative series of stamps from Royal Mail is to mark Queen’s 50th anniversary.

The Queen stamp collection will be issued as a set of 13. The issue includes 8 album covers, namely;  ‘Queen II’ (74), ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ (74), ‘A Night At The Opera’ (75), ‘News of the World’ (79), ‘The Game’ (80), ‘Greatest Hits’ (81), ‘The Works’ (84) & ‘Innuendo’ (91).  The remaining 5 stamps features 4 photos of Queen playing live and a classic Queen group photo.

Earlier this year Queen saw a commemorative coin being released, and it is no wonder that Queen are getting such attention. Queen are at a high point, even 29 years after Freddie’s death, Queen are a band which regularly shows up in the top 10 streamed bands on Spotify and after the 4 time Oscar winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the band seems to be bringing new generations of fans along with them.

Brian May said of the new Queen Stamps that it was “hard to put into words” and called them “beautiful stamps” and Roger said that collection was “an honour” and he thanked Royal Mail for recognising their legacy, stating that “We must be really part of the furniture now”.

Queen (the band , not the monarch .. as she has had a lot of stamps) are only the 3rd rock band to be honoured with a set of Royal Mail Stamps, after The Beatles in 2007 and Pink Floyd more recently in 2016.

The Queen stamps from the Royal Mail are now available for pre-ordering from the Royal Mail’s official website at

Queen Stamps
Royal Mail Issue New Special Stamps To Honour Queen

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Will you be buying the Queen Commemorative issue from the Royal Mail?

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