Seven seas of Rhye is one of my favourite songs from the Queen II album. Because there is such a high prevalence of piano in the song, of course I would want to play it. I learned the song many years ago and it’s only as the Shane’s Queen Site started to grow that I could see a growing appetite from visitors to see how songs were played.

About a year ago I uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to play the intro to Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano – you can see that video at . It’s not easy and many people wanted to know the keys to play so I have slowed things down in a new video. This updated video is under 5 minutes long but it shows how to play the Seven Seas of Rhye Piano riff in basic terms.

See the new slower version of the Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano video below…

The chords used in the arpeggios are D and G. In the first riff part the D moves between a D and G and in the second it moves from G to a combo which is actually a D7-3rd chord in other words the notes D A and C. The key to playing the riff for Seven Seas is the hitting of the D note twice before changing the riff pattern.

This can be seen in the video. (But if you have questions about playing Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano, please feel free to leave them on the video or as a comment below)


I hope you enjoy the new video of Seven Seas of Rhye on Piano and that it helps if you were trying to learn the song.


Feel free to comment on which Queen song you want to see explained on video next.

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