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Freddie Mercury Close, London street named after Queen singer

A street in Feltham, the London suburb where Freddie Mercury lived in November 1964, was renamed as Freddie Mercury Close on Monday 24th February. Freddie’s and the Bulsara family moved to 22 Gladstone Avenue in Feltham in 1964, after fleeing the revolution in Zanzibar. The house was commemorated with a blue plaque back in 2016. He was known as ‘Fred’ rather than Farrokh even before the family came to London, and signed himself as Fred Bulsara on letters until 1970, when he changed his name to Mercury. Freddie lived in Gladstone Avenue in Feltham until 1970, and even took jobs while in college such as washing dishes in the kitchens of Heathrow Airport, just a stone’s throw from Gladstone Avenue.

The Local authorities in Feltham agreed to rename part of a cul-de-sac on Hanworth Road as Freddie Mercury Close, which is the address of the headquarters of the World Zoroastrian Organization. As you probably know, Freddie was born into the Zoroastrian faith and practiced the ancient religion as a child. The World Zoroastrian Organization is now housed at 1 Freddie Mercury Close, Feltham, Middlesex, TW13 5DF.

The unveiling of the new road, was attended by Freddie’s sister Kashmira Cooke (Bulsara), her son Samuel, Tony Louki the Mayor of Hounslow, supporters of the World Zoroastrian Organisation and The Lord Bilimoria CBE DL.

The location of the new Freddie Mercury street has also been added to my list of Queen related Places to Visit in London.

Brian May grew up in the area also and recalls visiting Freddie at number 22 Gladstone Avenue. Freddie was insistent that Brian listen very closely to Jimi Hendrix and said “this is what we will do … we will be a group“. Brian realls thinking, “I don’t even know if this guy can sing” … turns out he really could !


Ironocally, Freddie Mercury Close runs almost straight into Queen’s Road… Coincidence?


DID YOU KNOW – Brian and Freddie lived about 400m away from each other when they were younger, but never actually met prior to meeting around the Smile era.

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