Happy Birthday Brian May – Wish Brian May a Happy Birthday

Brian May was born on 19th July 1947 and today is the Red Special axe wielding guvnor’s very special 70th Birthday.  (Hard to believe). I would just like to say Happy Birthday Brian May and we wish you all the best today!  We all wish him a very Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Brian May

Brian Harold May

Brian Harold May was born on 19th of July 1947 in Hampton, Middlesex, in the UK. Brian attended primary school in Feltham during which time he showed an interest in music and his parents registered him for piano lessons, which Brian actually hated. When Brian was six years old he started learning to play the ukulele. Brian got very good very quickly and soon he wanted a guitar. A Spanish guitar was given to him as a birthday present, but it was too big for him, so he went and modified it. With his newly built guitar Brian was listening to, and accompanying records which he played. He quickly moved from playing chords to more advanced details.As the time went on and as he played the existing guitar he discovered, that his guitar wasn’t good enough to play music he liked.

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