Queen Site Redesign

After a lot of hard work, my Queen site redesign is finished and the site has had its makeover. The Queen site was originally set up in 1999 as a 4-page static website. Over the next 5 years, the Queen site grew to about 20 pages with a few tabs on the site. In 2004 the site got a new server on queen.shanemcdonald.org and it was extended to over 100 pages. Back in those days, all the pages were coded by hand, there was no such thing as content management software or WordPress.

As time went on the site was managed and updated fairly regularly until about 2011 when I updated the site when I could. Then in June 2013, Google started introducing SEO penalties for sites which were not mobile compliant – which mine was not. Therefore I knew I had to update the site.

I started work in May 2016, getting the site architecture mapped out and trying to create a design with worked for the site. I was hoping to launch the site prior to 24th Nov but it would not have looked as well as possible.

I hope you enjoy the new Queen Site Redesign and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to make a comment or drop me an email.

I hope to include a number of new sections such as a full Queen album discography, a list of Queen Tribute Bands, a full list of relevant Queen links such as fan sites and social media groups. The Queen polls and the interactive nature of Shane’s Queen Site will also be addressed, as these will be reintroduced to the site.

If there are any elements of the website which you, as a Queen fan, would like to see, please do let me know.

Thanks for visiting Shane’s Queen Site

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