I just wanted to tell of a new band from part of the “We Will Rock You” band in London. They are called “Space Elevator”

With David Young on guitar, Neil Murray on bass and Elliott Ware on keys and a fantastic new singer called “the Duchess” on vocals.

The album is out in March but you can pre-order it now at www.spaceelevatoronline.com and there are videos and more details available on the Space Elevator site.

Some reviewers are comparing them in some way to a band called Queen, which you may be familiar with :-), take a look at their review here: http://getreadytorock.me.uk/blog/2014/01/album-review-space-elevator-st/. From what I can see there are many positive reviews for the album and perhaps it might be of interest to music lovers out there.

The second single taken from Space Elevator II – W.Y.T.A.T was written and created in the studio by all four band members along with co-producer Adam Vanryne, creator of the stunning new video.

About the Band
David Young – Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
The Duchess – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Vocal Arrangements
Brian Greene – Drums and Percussion
Chas Maguire – Electric Bass, Backing Vocals


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