Queen Collector Queen & Freddie Feature

The most popular rock band in England is not called The Beatles but Queen. This charismatic singer Freddie Mercury died 20 years ago today, from AIDS, November the 24th, 1991. A special issue of Queen Collector (French Version) has a special feature on Freddie and Queen including;

• Interview with Freddie Mercury
• Interview with Brian May
• Mercury and choreography
• Mercury and Opera
• On the road with Queen
• Complete Discography
• 100 rare photos

I have taken a look at the Queen Collector edition on ISSUU (the VibrationsMusic link did not work at the time of my testing). I can tell you the visuals are amazing but the document, as you would expect is in French, as this is the French version of Queen Collector. I can read French but it took me a while. It is a very interesting read and a good one for anyone who can lire Francais. Enjoy !

To see a preview : http://issuu.com/consart/docs/queen_maglowr
To buy this issue : http://www.vibrationsmusic.com/shopping/303-HORS_SERIE_QUEEN.html

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