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New Days Of Our Lives DVD/Blu-Ray Released

Days Of Our Lives’ began as a two-part documentary produced by long-term Queen collaborators and life long fans Rhys Thomas (the comedian who famously broke the Mastermind all time record points score with a specialist subject of Queen) and Simon Lupton, and directed by the renowned director Matt Casey. This Days Of Our Lives DVD release has  lot of new material which Queen fans world wide will enjoy.

After 10 years of making Queen DVDs, Lupton and Thomas were asked by the band to produce the definitive 40th Anniversary documentary and after almost a year of painstaking research and editing, this Days Of Our Lives DVD was the result.

As well as the new sequences, there are 7 new videos.  Excerpts were featured in the main documentary, but we have completed them, and here on the Days Of Our Lives DVD and Blu- Ray they appear in full.

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