Shane McDonald – Keyboards Audition for Queen Extravaganza

I have uploaded my keyboards Audition for Queen Extravaganza to YouTube. I don’t being in Ireland they would accept my entry into the USA version of the Queen Extravaganza contest but nevertheless I recorded one anyway just to take part in some shape or form, online. My keyboards version of I Want to break Free is below and I might add a few more to this collection and this post in the coming weeks.
Hopefully Queen Extravaganza will come to Europe / UK at some point in the future and I can submit a european Audition for Queen Extravaganza. I would love to take part in a more serious nature with Queen Extravaganza. Let me know what you think!

I Want to Break Free – Shane McDonald

Are you looking for a Queen Keyboard Player?

If you are forming a Queen Tribute Band and are looking for a Queen Keyboard player, please drop me a line or click the link in this section.

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