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There are some fantastic new products in the Queen Online Store.

If you like official Queen merch, you will be excited to hear that there are a number of new Products in the Queen Online Store. These new products include Brian May Replica Guitar, Brian May Treble Booster Pedals, iPhone cases, CDs and even a Freddie Wembley Costume.

Check out the Queen online site at for the latest Queen products.

The Queen Online Store

I’m delighted to say that there are a selection of brand new Products in the Queen Online Store. The Queen Online Store is the best and only place you can get your hands on the latest official Queen Merch. On that store you can find the very latest Queen releases plus releases from Brian May and Roger Taylor. There is a number of great T-Shirts available including Night at the Opera, Queen logo Ts, Hot Space, Flash Gordon and some others with great artwork and slogans such as Ah-Oh etc. There are other items such as tour merch and vinyls.

Some of the items I would love to buy include Queen mugs, Queen bags, pencil cases, socks, and Queen Art. If you are a book lover, you can find our great Queen Books for sale on the site including the latest Freddie Mercury book and much more.

The Queen Online Store is constantly being updated with the very latest Queen products so you really should look there before you head to Amazon or Ebay.At least you will have official merch from Queen.

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