As we remember the loss of the incomparable Freddie Mercury on 24th November 1991 – two tribute singles will be released to honour the life and genius of Freddie Mercury.

“November” & “Freddie was a Rocker” are the debut releases from nobodeknows. “November” is a piano based ballad which almost pays a tribute (musically) to Freddie’s “Barcelona” project with Monserrat Caballe, while “Freddie was a Rocker.” provides the definitive rock¬† statment about Freddie Mercury, and features an optimism which was a hallmark of Freddie and Queen’s music.

Sample clips for both songs from nobodeknows can be found on YouTube, and both songs are available as of November 24 exclusively on iTunes UK/Europe, Japan and Canada stores.”

Check samples out at (link expired)

Check the band website out at  (link expired)

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