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Roger Taylor Marries Sarina Potgieter

Queen drummer Roger Taylor Marries Sarina Potgieter. Roger has married his girlfriend of six years Sarina Potgieter. Roger who is 61 has two children with his first wife, Dominique Beyrand, and three with his former girlfriend, the Flake model Deborah Leng. The 36 year old bride, Sarina Potgieter, wore a purple wedding dress at a wedding ceremony at their home in Surrey last Saturday. There was a red and black theme at the low key wedding. The reception was held in a black and red marquee in their garden. One guest reported that ‘The music didn’t stop before sunrise.’ Sounds like a fantastic celebration and wedding event … Congratulations to Roger and Sarina.   Permalink : Blog Update 2021 – as of 2021, Roger and Sarina Potieter are still happily married and have been seen at all the recent Queen events including the launch of the Bohemian Rhapsody shop in Carmaby Street and also the premier of the Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.

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