Hot Space, The Game & Made In Heaven Vinyl Reissues

As you know, many years ago, Vinyl died a death. People who had record players were dumping them for the new clean sound of CDs and the impeccable audio of downloads. However more recently vinyl has become hip and trendy again. So, for those of you who love Vinyl, Queen have released three pop their key albums. ‘The Game‘, ‘Hot Space‘ and ‘Made In Heaven‘ will have vinyl reissues.

The album packaging replicates every detail of the original vinyl releases and the unique content of the original albums has been faithfully reproduced. Back in the day when you would queue up in your record store to purchase your new Queen albums on vinyl there was a real buzz about that. I think we have lost some enjoyment of the anticipation of music releases. Hopefully these Queen vinyl reissues will bring back some of those great music memories.

The vinyl reissued albums are available to buy on the Queen On-line Store.

1980’s ‘ : The Game’

1982’s   : ‘Hot Space’

1995’s ‘ : Made in Heaven’

If you have purchased one of these vinyl rereleases please send a photo to the Shane’s Queen Site Facebook Page and we will share it there for you.

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