New Tribute CD from Dutch Queen Tribute : REVIEW

New Tribute CD from Dutch Queen Tribute (


Thanks to Erwin Agterhuis, I got a copy of this CD, and I have been quite happily been listening to it for the past week.
It has 5 of my favourite tracks on it and all have been done in their own style while paying respect to the original.

Barcelona is sung with the dutch Opera Singer Linda Kinsbergen, great vocals by both and at one point in the male vocals I was almost sure it sounded like Freddie – its that good.

Somebody to Love, one of my all time favourites, again is really well sung (not sure who it is but I suspect it is Queen Tributes very own Timothy Drake). There is a nice freeness to the way this is sung, often you hear people trying to do a Freddie but in this case without trying too hard he has achieved a good strong vocal in a song which is quite high especially on the longer notes  around 1:30 into the song (around bar 50 for those who have the sheet music).

Too Much Love will Kill you is something I wasn’t expecting, combining the Brian May version with an opera vocal from Italian opera singer Carlo Scibelli who hails from New York. Although there is a Brian May and Pavarotti version I liked this version as the opera bits are so well placed I ended up listening to this track a few times, just so I could hear the sections which had been replaced by the Opera lines.

The Show Must Go On, a powerful song in its own right, and as anyone who has ever attempted to do this in Karaoke will know … it is NOT an easy song to sing. Personally I would have placed this at the end of the track listing as I think it is a great way to end any CD or Queen performance – but that’s just me. QueenTribute’s Timothy Drake is on vocals again here and his voice is perfectly suited to the song. Powerful and well sung. What I will note is that no key changes were made in these tracks – all the original keys. Just look at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert and see how many top performers had to bring the keys down as they just could not “do a Freddie”. For me Barcelona and this track are probably the best on the CD, not doing any disrespect to the other tracks but the inherent power of these songs is hard to ignore.

Love of My Life is the final track on the CD, and this is Queen Tributes  own arrangement of the song. The previous 4 tracks make great use of the official Queen multitracks, but Love of My Life is expertly played on guitar and is the concert version which Freddie and Brian would have performed live (and not the Night at the Opera piano version).  Anyone who has ever been to a Queen concert will certainly enjoy this track!

The CD is really well done and you can download the CD or Tracks from the CD on-line at or from the Queen Tribute Website at

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The Tracklisting of this CD is as follows;

1 Barcelona a duet with dutch opera singer and Montserrat look-a-like Linda Kinsbergen

2 Somebody to love

3 Too much love will kill you a duet with the Italian opera singer from New York Carlo Scibelli (the Brian May/Pavarotti version)

4 The show must go on

5 Love of my life

Preview of Dutch Queen Tribute in Action – check out their website for more videos.


Winner of CD Horse Feathers and Animal Crackers, A Tribute to Queen

As you know I was running a competition to win a Copy of Horse Feathers and Animal Crackers – A Tribute to Queen

To be in with a chance to win … all you had to do was simply follow the site on Facebook at

Everyone who LIKE’d the Facebook page were entered into the draw to win a copy of “Horse Feathers and Animal Crackers – A Tribute to Queen”

The Draw took place on  August 31st and the winner of the Queen Tribute album: “HORSE FEATHERS & ANIMAL CRACKERS” was Tim Glover. Thanks to everyone for following the page and new competition for September will be on-line soon.

Tim has been contacted by Facebook and if the prize is not claimed by 30th September a second prize winner will be drawn

Freddie Mercury named Greatest Rock Legend of All Time

Freddie Mercury has been named the ‘Greatest Rock Legend of All Time’ on the website

Freddie Mercury, beat off the challenge from Elvis Presley to claim the title of Greatest Rock Legend of all Time. The Queen front-man who sold 300 million records after forming Queen in 1970 was best known for his charismatic and dramatic stage presence during his 21 years with Queen.

David Bowie, came third in the poll, followed by Jon Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Slash, and Bono of U2 fame.

“Freddie Mercury had it all the voice, the image, the stage presence, everything,” the Daily Star quoted a spokesman.

I don’t think anyone would disagree!!

Hot Space, The Game & Made In Heaven Queen Vinyl Reissues

Hot Space, The Game & Made In Heaven Queen Vinyl Reissues

Hot Space, The Game & Made In Heaven Vinyl Reissues

As you know, many years ago, Vinyl died a death. People who had record players were dumping them for the new clean sound of CDs and the impeccable audio of downloads. However more recently vinyl has become hip and trendy again. So, for those of you who love Vinyl, Queen have released three pop their key albums. ‘The Game‘, ‘Hot Space‘ and ‘Made In Heaven‘ will have vinyl reissues.

The album packaging replicates every detail of the original vinyl releases and the unique content of the original albums has been faithfully reproduced. Back in the day when you would queue up in your record store to purchase your new Queen albums on vinyl there was a real buzz about that. I think we have lost some enjoyment of the anticipation of music releases. Hopefully these Queen vinyl reissues will bring back some of those great music memories.

The vinyl reissued albums are available to buy on the Queen On-line Store.

1980’s ‘ : The Game’

1982’s   : ‘Hot Space’

1995’s ‘ : Made in Heaven’

If you have purchased one of these vinyl rereleases please send a photo to the Shane’s Queen Site Facebook Page and we will share it there for you.