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Are you Ready to Be Freddie for a Day on September 3, 2010?

Have you ever wanted to be Freddie for a day? Freddie For A Day is a celebration of the life of on Mr. Freddie Mercury. This year The Freddie for a Day 2010 celebration takes place on September 3rd, 2 days before his birthday (September 5th).

“Freddie for a Day” is meant to engage people in a fun way to remember Freddie, but will also help raise funds to support the fight against HIV AIDS. The funds will help the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which is a HIV AIDS charitable organisation set up in Freddie’s memory after his passing almost 20 years ago.

How do you help? How can you be Freddie for a Day?
Simply dress up as “Freddie For A Day”, put in curlers and get a hoover, or grow a mustache and put on your best leather gear and get your friends and family to sponsor you!

For full details on how to be “Freddie For A Day 2010” and raise money for HIV AIDS, visit

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