Horse Feathers and Animal Crackers – A Tribute to Queen : CD REVIEW

CD Review

This 2-disc tribute to Queen is exactly that – a Tribute. Some of the covers create perfect replicas of Queen classics, others re-work some of the songs such as Shoshkes’ (of The Cucumbers) countrified version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. The album includes a diverse collection of musicians from Richie Ranno (from Starz), and Derwood Andrews (from Generation X), to Dennis Dunaway (from the original Alice Cooper group) and Cheetah Chrome (from The Dead Boys).

The CD name is based on the Marx brother’s movies in the same way that Queen released “A Night at the Opera” and
“A Day at the Races”.

All four of Queen’s songwriters are represented on “Horsefeathers and Animal Crackers”. Freddie Mercury’s “Death on Two Legs ” and “Mustapha”, Brian May’s “Sail Away Sweet Sister”, John Deacon’s “You’re My Best Friend” and Roger Taylor’s “I’m in Love with my Car” are just some of the highlights. Both discs start off with belters, We Will Rock You and Death on Two Legs get you right in the mood.

My Top 10 songs on “Horse Feathers and Animal
Crackers” are as follows;

  1. Riotgods version of “Death On two Legs” is
    amazing – almost too Queen like to be a cover !
  2. Now I’m Here by True Love is just a perfect cover …
    even sounds like Brian on the guitar!
  3. Mustapha by My Brave Hawkmen is an homage to the original
    – Love it !
  4. We Will Rock You (fast version – Track 1 on Disk 1) and
    it is done really well by Richie Ranno’s All Stars !
  5. Modern Times Rock ‘N’ Roll by Blue Fox is a
    trip back to the early days of Queen – Loud, Fast and
    well covered!
  6. Sail Away Sweet Sister by Rob Tanico
  7. Stone Cold Crazy by Doug Wahlberg Band
  8. Sleeping on the Sidewalk by Worro Pilkinson
  9. She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes) by Rick Tedesco
  10. All Dead, All Dead by Christian Beach

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More Details to Follow including Track listing and full review on Shanes Queen Site in August…

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Horse Feathers And Animal Crackers, a mother load of Queen hits

Horse Feathers And Animal Crackers, a Tribute to Queen which is a mother load of Queen hits and misses from artists as diverse as Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys, Riotgod, Dennis Dunaway from Alice Cooper’s band, The Tuff Darts, and Deena Shoshkes.

The CD name might be based on​ the Marx brother’s movies of the same names, but besides that,​ it’s all Jersey. This disc features one of Main Man’s most ambitious groupings to date and when you heap that on top of the fact that this is a double record, you have a veritable trove of musical oddities to dig through!

If I hear any more about Horse feathers and Animal Crackers I will of course add it to Shane’s Queen Site …