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Freddie Wins in BBC TV Poll

The results of the “I’m in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” TV Poll were announced by Jonathan Ross in a live TV broadcast last night. Freddie Wins in BBC TV Poll – The TV Poll was conducted under various categories such as Best Band, Best Singer, best Guitarist, Best Drummer, best Bassist and other relevant areas.

As could be expected Freddie Mercury won best singer but Queen lost out to Led Zeppelin in the Best Band category. I would have expected a UK based TV show to have a UK slant on the voting results. Therefore I expected to see Brian May as Best Guitarist and Queen as the Best Band. When I studied the nominees for Best Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer none of our Queen friends were even nominated in the BBC TV Poll.

The results were as follows …

Best Band – Led Zeppelin
Best Singer – Freddie Mercury
Best Guitarist – Jimi Hendrix
Best Drummer – John Bonham
Best Bassists – Flea

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