Brian May is fuming over the use of Don’t Stop Me Now in a pro-hunting campaign in Britain.

Don’t Stop Me Now can be heard over the video promoting hare coursing, allegedly compiled by a member of the Countryside Alliance (CA). The Countryside Alliance is a group pushing for a ban against blood sports to be lifted.

The guitarist has decided to share the video with friends and fans – in the hope it will deter people who might vote for Conservative party leader David Cameron in the upcoming elections to be held on May 6th – after the politician said he would let Members of Parliament decide whether the ban should be overturned.

Brian May said, “Maybe there is a better idea. (I want to show it to) anyone who seems to think it would be cool to repeal the Hunting Act… Perhaps it’s worth seeing, to be clear just how low these people can stoop… I have a feeling that, given enough rope, these bloodthirsty varmints will hang themselves.”

Source Yahoo

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