Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for Shane’s Queen Site

I just wanted to make a blog post outlining Shane’s Queen Site on Social Media and were you can find this site.  Taking Social Media on board I have setup a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for Shane’s Queen Site.

Shane’s Queen Site Facebook Page

The Facebook Page is probably the most updated social media profile for the site. 90% of content which is posted here will also be mirrored on the Twitter account.

LINK: Shane’s Queen Site Facebook Page


Shane’s Queen Site Twitter Account

The Twitter account is @ShanesQueenSite and is a very engaged account. I normally log on once every day or so. If you are a Queen fane and follow @ShanesQueenSite I will follow you back.

LINK: Shane’s Queen Site Twitter Account


Shane’s Queen Site Instagram Account

The Instagram account is @ShanesQueenSite and is something I only upload to every so often. I secured the name to ensure I had all my brand accounts registered.

LINK: Shane’s Queen Site Instagram Account


If you are on these social media profiles please drop me a tweet, comment or message.

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