Top 100 Queen Songs of 2007 : As voted by web site visitors

These are the Top 100 Queen songs as voted using the Top Songs form on The votes were cast between Jan 1st 2007 and Dec 31st 2007.

As can be expected Bohemian Rhapsody topped the poll but when compared to the 2006 Results the biggest moves were Seven Seas of Rhye up 7 from last year and Breakthru dropped from 18th to 27th position in the poll. The system will be reset in the coming days to see if 2008 has a similar result.


1Bohemian Rhapsody10.9511034
3The Show Must Go On4.374413
4March Of The Black Queen, The4.306406
5Don’t Stop Me Now4.187395
7Somebody To Love3.272309
8Killer Queen2.967280
9We Are The Champions2.916275
10Seven Seas Of Rhye…2.899274
11Another One Bites The Dust2.441230
12Love Of My Life2.407227
13Crazy Little Thing Called Love2.000189
14We Will Rock You1.967186
15Under Pressure1.814171
16I Want to Break Free1.678158
17Death On Two Legs1.661157
18I Want It All1.543146
19White Queen (As It Began)1.543146
20Radio Ga-Ga1.305123
21Who Wants To Live Forever1.255118
22Fat Bottomed Girls1.221115
23Bicycle Race1.204114
24A Kind Of Magic1.187112
25Hammer to Fall1.153109
26These Are The Days Of Our Lives1.136107
28Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy1.068101
29Spread Your Wings1.05199
30Save Me1.03498
31Too Much Love Will Kill You1.00094
32You’re My Best Friend0.84880
33The Prophet’s Song0.81477
34Tie Your Mother Down0.81477
35One Vision0.78074
36Friends Will Be Friends0.71267
37You Take My Breath Away0.71267
38It’s a Hard Life0.67864
40Brighton Rock0.55953
41I’m In Love With My Car0.52650
42A Winter’s Tale0.50948
43I’m Going Slightly Mad0.47545
44Princes Of The Universe0.45843
45Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)0.45843
46I Was Born To Love You0.44142
47My Melancholy Blues0.44142
49Keep Yourself Alive0.42440
50A Kind Of ‘A Kind Of Magic’0.40738
51All Dead, All Dead0.40738
52In The Lap Of The Gods (revisited)0.40738
53My Fairy King0.40738
54No One But You0.40738
57It’s Late0.37335
58The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke0.37335
60Made In Heaven0.35634
61The Millionaire Waltz0.35634
62Seaside Rendezvous0.33932
63Stone Cold Crazy0.33932
64Great King Rat0.32230
65In My Defence0.32230
67Back Chat0.30529
68Don’t Try So Hard0.28827
70Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)0.28827
71Father To Son0.27126
72Is This the World We Created?0.27126
74We Will Rock You (Fast)0.27126
75Dear Friends0.25424
76Dragon Attack0.25424
77Ogre Battle0.25424
78One Year Of Love0.25424
79The Miracle0.25424
80Play The Game0.23722
81Was It All Worth It0.23722
82Dreamers Ball0.22021
83In The Lap Of The Gods0.22021
84Let Me Live0.22021
85Now I’m Here0.22021
86Sail Away Sweet Sister0.22021
87You Don’t Fool Me0.22021
88All God’s People0.20319
89Bring Back That Leroy Brown0.20319
90Flick Of The Wrist0.20319
91Heaven For Everyone0.20319
92I Can’t Live With You0.20319
93Living On My Own0.20319
94You And I0.20319
95Cool Cat0.18618
97Lily Of The Valley0.17016
99Ride The Wild Wind0.17016
100Sheer Heart Attack0.17016


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