Top 50 Queen Songs : As voted by website visitors

These are the top 50 Queen songs as voted on the Hot or Not vote, on Shane’s Queen Site. The votes were cast between March 1st 2005 and December 31st 2005.

As can be expected Bohemian Rhapsody topped the poll, with the Top 10 looking like a Greatest Hits Lineup. This system will be reset and a further Top 50 (or possibly Top 100) will be constructed for 2006.


Song TitleVotes
1Bohemian Rhapsody2.867%
2Who Wants To Live Forever2.616%
3Don’t Stop Me Now2.515%
5Save Me2.465%
6No One But You2.414%
7Somebody To Love (live with George Michael)2.414%
10Seven Seas Of Rhye…2.364%
11The Great Pretender2.364%
12These Are The Days Of Our Lives2.364%
13Killer Queen2.314%
14We Will Rock You2.314%
15Crazy Little Thing Called Love2.264%
16Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy2.264%
17I Can’t Live With You2.264%
18I Want It All2.264%
19The Show Must Go On2.264%
20All God’s People2.213%
22A Kind Of ‘A Kind Of Magic’2.163%
23Gimme The Prize2.163%
25Hammer to Fall2.163%
27We Are The Champions2.163%
30Don’t Try So Hard2.113%
31Friends Will Be Friends …Will Be Friends2.113%
32Let Me Live2.113%
33Living On My Own2.113%
34One Vision2.113%
35Play The Game2.113%
36The Hitman2.113%
37The Invisible Man2.113%
38Living On My Own (No More Brothers remix)2.062%
39Under Pressure2.012%
40A Kind Of Magic1.962%
41Another One Bites The Dust1.962%
42Now I’m Here1.962%
43Princes Of The Universe1.962%
44The Miracle1.962%
46Heaven For Everyone1.911%
47Driven By You1.861%
48I’m Going Slightly Mad1.861%
49Pain Is So Close To Pleasure1.559%
50Don’t Lose Your Head1.509%


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