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Are Queen Looking at new Frontman?

American Idol contestant Adam Lambert may be in line to do a gig or two with Queen. According to rock magazine, Rolling Stone, Queen guitarist Brian May was notably ‘impressed with Lambert’ on this week’s American Idol finale and mentioned that they may work together in the future. in 2004, Queen reunited with Paul Rodgers, but Lambert’s style was in line with ‘doing a Freddie’ which is a tall order for any singer. Earlier this year Queen’s partnership with Rodgers was mutually ended. It could happen that Queen will have a chat with Adam Lambert and possibly, Queen could have a new lead singer.

I saw Queen in Paris in 2005, along with Paul Rodgers and he was very impressive – however, he was not doing a Freddie Mercury style performance, rather singing the songs in a Queen/Free fusion. I’m not sure what Adam Lambert might be like as a leader singer – perhaps the video below might help make your minds. – Note this link may be removed as American Idol videos are never usually left on-line very long !

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