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New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales, Australia

Photos of New South Wales, Australia

Pictures taken outside of Sydney, including Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach, and Summer Bay (Palm Beach). It’s a wonderful location to visit with a camera and I would love to revisit with my new photographic gear… maybe someday!

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Visiting NSW Australia

If you intend visiting the NSW part of Australia there are a few must do items which you should place on your list. This is My Top 10 things to do in NSW Australia (listed in no particular order)

My Top 10 things to do in NSW Australia

  1. Eat at the Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House
  2. Visit Palm Beach, location for Home and Away
  3. Visit the AMP Tower
  4. Visit and Walk in the Blue Mountains
  5. Stay overnight in the Blue Mountains (Bunny Hollow was where we stayed)
  6. Visit Bondi Beach
  7. Do the Bondi to Coogee Walk
  8. Go on an organised Australia Experience tour (normally a 1 day bus trip)
  9. Eat at Doyles on the Beach – an amazing Fish restaurant
  10. Visit the Jenolan Caves