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Just saw Pierre Bensusan in Waterford’s Garter Lane Arts Centre last evening. An amazing guitarist with a very interesting style.  It is hard to nail down the style; folksy with a new age/world music twist is what I would call it.

He is actually self taught since the age of 11 and was recording by the age of 17. One of the most interesting things is that he uses a DADGAD tuning system. Combine that with special delay effects and a few lyrics, and a but of Scat and you have a very interesting concert. He has an amazing reach when playing and some of the chords it looked like his fingers were dislocated. Amazing stuff!

One of the nicest pieces was a piece based loosely around a poem by Victor Hugo.

He is performing all around Ireland on various dates so check out his website for details.

Pierre Bensusan –


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