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This section of the site is a legacy section. The Picture / Photo Gallery was a gallery which I setup prior to setting up, my Photo Blog. The Picture and Photo gallery contains pictures and photos of Ireland, UK, L.A., Sydney, Hong Kong, Fiji, Prague, Tenerife, Florida, Uluru. Each area has been given its own photo album and there are hundreds of photos & pictures.

This section allows you to select from over the available pictures / photos, in all these albums and view specific pictures by category. Originally there were 300 photos in 20 albums but this is just a subset until such time that I can restore the original archives via the new website design.

Photo Gallery

About My Photography

I have been taking photos on a semi-professional levels since 2007. I have taken photos in many countries and of many different types of content, from food and fashion to events and landscape. The images above were prior to me starting on the more advanced photography, some of them are technically not great but it shows that photography can certainly capture a moment.

You can check out my photography statistics below and also my photo blog.

If you wish to see my current photography please visit my blog – Shane McDonald Photography

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