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The person who helped create the internet concept, Paul Baran, has died aged 84.

In 1961, engineer Paul Baran sold a revolutionary communications method called “packet switching” to the U.S. Department of Defense. However he was not the only engineer who worked on the project.

This amazing new comms system became the foundation of Arpanet – a network of interlinked nodes which would keep functioning even if one note was wiped out. This Arpanet went on to become the foundation of the Internet and is still the way your Facebook messages get posted and how e-mails are delivered to your inbox today.

When I first started using the Internet back in 1993, web browsers were relatively new. The first browser I uses was Mosaic and used the Gopher Protocol as there were few good websites which could be accessed via http.

Today we have Internet on everything , phones, laptops, ipods, … LG even have a fridge with an Internet panel. Without Paul Baran we may not have had such a great invention
We pay tribute to him.

Paul Baran (April 29, 1926– March 26, 2011)



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