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Packing for vacation? Getting ready to travel?  Take a look at this travel packing list so you pack the important items for your vacation or holiday. The holiday and vacation packing checklist is all you need, whether this is your first vacation or you’re a seasoned globetrotter. This is a helpful travel packing checklist that has been updated in the past few weeks.

Travel Packing Checklist – helps you pack the important items for your holiday

One of the most stressful things you have to do before you even get into the car to head to the airport is packing for your holiday or vacation. You might have booked a cheap family holiday but imagine if you had to then spend a lot of money on items which you forgot to bring!

This handy holiday packing checklist might help you before you actually start packing and it might help you ensure that you don’t leave home missing essential items to pack into your suitcase for your holiday. 

This list is not complete nor will it suit everyone or every type of holiday since a checklist for a city break will be different from a packing checklist for a 3-stop long haul trip. You can print this and simply cross out items you don’t need or online you can tick off the items from the list by your suitcase as you pack for your holiday. 

The travel packing checklist below does NOT include clothes as everyone is different. Hopefully, this travel and vacation packing checklist will help with the other items that you may wish to bring. If you spot any omissions please make a comment and we can add it to the list.

Packing Essentials

Drivers License
Airline Tickets
Visas if required by your destination
Wallet – Debit and Credit Cards
Cash / Travelers checks
Emergency phone numbers
Hotel, rental car, confirmation details
Copies of travel insurance contacts
Guidebooks & Maps
Contact numbers to report lost credit cards
Electric Plug adapter
Cell Phone adapter
iPod / iPhone Charger
Books and magazines
iPod Earphones 
PowerBar & charger

Personal Items / Toiletries

Travel alarm and batteries Glasses, sunglasses, and contacts Tampons Birth control Anti-bacterial hand gel or wipes Hand lotion Small first-aid kit Smart Watch charger Travel pillow Toothbrush Toothpaste Shampoo and conditioner Hair Brush Comb Cosmetics & Soap Razor and shaving cream Sunblock & After Sun Deodorant Insect Repellant Face Masks Hand Sanitizer

Extra Items

Locks for your Luggage (and keys!) Luggage name tags (include phone and email) Sewing kit Hiking Boots (make sure they are very clean prior to packing if traveling to Australia or New Zealand) Camera, Flash & Lenses Camera Mini-Tripod (for the photo enthusiast) Batteries Camera Battery Charger (e.g. Canon DSLR type) Extra film or memory card Memory Card Holders (to keep them safe) Journal and pen (if you like keeping notes on where you were) Sweets / candies for the Journey

I hope this holiday/vacation and travel packing checklist helps you on your vacation

Some Final Points for Packing for Your Holiday/Vacation

Remember to pack all liquids and gels into your checked luggage – all must be less than 100ml.

  • Don’t forget your facemasks and any COVID-related items, if required.
  • If you intend to hire a car you will need your driver’s license
  • Your passport will need to have 6 months left before expiry or you may not be able to travel.
  • Don’t forget to remove any sharp items or liquids over 100ml packed into your hand luggage.  
    Move these restricted items to your checked luggage.
  • If you need some quality sleepwear check out my friend’s website the Cotone Collection.
  • If you have a smart lighting system, program that so it turns your lights on and off in the evening for home security.
  • Before you leave your home, check that all windows have been shut and locked and any unused plugs have been plugged out.
  • As you lave your home, ensure you have your keys with you and then double check that your door is fully locked – nothing worse than getting to your destination with the nagging feeling that you forgot to lock up correctly. (it has happened to me)
  • Perhaps ask a neighbour to check in on your house when you are away.

Have a good time on your trip.

Enjoy Your Holiday!


Updated by Shane on March 2024