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As reported in the press and on the radio, the long-awaited Waterford City N25 Bypass will be officially opened by Minister Martin Cullen on Monday, October 19th. The new N25 bypass and landmark cable-stay bridge will open for traffic later on Monday evening, just in time for the rush hour.

The much-debated Open Day

Some of the media had mentioned that the open day for pedestrians was after being cancelled for health and safety reasons but there WILL be an Open day for the public. Members of the public will be able to walk on the iconic new River Suir bridge, on Monday afternoon, just before the bridge opens for traffic. From 1.30 pm on Monday afternoon, a shuttle bus will pick up people at the Clock Tower on the Quays and bring them out to the new Bridge, giving the people of Waterford a chance to walk across the new bridge. The Buses will run until 4.30 pm and this bus service for the open day will be free of charge. This is a one-off opportunity as there will be no pedestrian access to the bridge once it opens for traffic. This (personally) is a terrible decision, as many of the people who want to walk the bridge will be at work.

Why put this public walk on a weekday – will any access be granted to people on Sunday?  Probably not! I don’t know who makes these decisions but after all the hype, all the anticipation, and all the coverage of a public open day …. I won’t be able to do it! Thanks a Bunch who ever made that decision !!!

Considering the amount of work, anticipation and public visibility there was on this bridge completion you would think that a weekend viewing might have been best.  It is a real pity, as so many people who want to view the bridge before it opens to public traffic, will be in work during this time and that is that.

If you did make the viewing please let us know with a comment below.