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Oh No, Donald Trump is the new President of the United States. After months of worrying that Donald Trump would get into the White House, it happened. We now have someone with no background in politics as president. Also we have the first orange president of the USA.

Overnight, some people thought that a similar situation to Brexit might occur. During Brexit voting one side was winning but next morning the other side won. At the time of this piece being prepped, the polls showed Hillary Clinton at 46.8% and Trump at 43.6%. This was a lead of 3.2%. At the same time in the voting process 8 years ago, Barrack Obama had less of a lead and still won. This time we were not as lucky.

I was hoping Hillary would get in, instead of Donald Trump. Hillary has been in the White House during the period her husband Bill was in power. She has seen the process, been there for the hard decisions and understands the role. Donald Trump, god bless him, really is unqualified for the role of President. He has no political background, is aggressive and irrational with his planned policies and will reduce the political system in the USA to a farce. As Hillary Clinton said, any man who can be irritated by a tweet should not be near the nuclear codes…. Oh S**t,

Prior to today’s election result it was assumed by stockbrokers that a Trump win would bring a 15% crash on world wide stock exchanges while a Clinton win would see a 2-3% rally. It is early days but it should be interesting to see what happens today. Stockbrokers will right now be taking as many red bulls as they can.

So from here we can rest no easier. Trump  has some tough tasks on his list when he takes office. I wouldn’t envy the task but I cannot see Donald Trump doing a good job at this.

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