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New iPhone Apps I have downloaded

I’ve downloaded a few new iPhone Apps and might review a few in the coming weeks.

The Top 10 iPhone Apps which I have downloaded in the past month (in no order)

  1. Setanta Sports iPhone App (with Live TV Coverage in App Purchase)
  2. Capcom Arcade – Video Game App
  3. Peter Dixons Pocket Announcer – Soundboard App
  4. VLC – Media Player App
  5. Old Booth – Photography App
  6. LightMeter – Photography App
  7. Celebalike – Photo Celeb Comparison App
  8. GS Lite – GreenScreen App
  9. FIFA 11 – Soccer / Video Game App
  10. RF 10 – Soccer / Video Game App

Out of all these I’m using FIFA 11, Pocket Announcer, Capcom Arcade and Setanta Sports the most.

I might do an iPhone App review of some of the aboev apps in the coming weeks.

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