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There is a new Facebook group called Ban Thierry Henry ( The Cheater) From World Cup. This in on the back of the famous hand ball by Thierry Henry (The Cheater) which knocked Ireland effectively out of the World Cup -(or at least with a 50:50 chance if it had gone to penalties.)

if you want to sign up to the new Facebook group visit;

If you want to take things a step further and send Thierry a little message of “support” you can always “Add as Friend” one Mr. Thierry Henry. Hie Facebook profile is at;


As it stands however, today, Thierry Henry (according to the BBC) will not be punished by FIFA for his handball. FIFA, the world governing body’s disciplinary committee concluded there was “no legal foundation” to deal with the case.

Republic of Ireland defender Sean St Ledger told BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday “Obviously I don’t want to see players getting banned but at the same time it promotes, ‘if you can get away with it, then do it’.

This was always my view – basically FIFA are saying that If you want to handle the ball , do it, but don’t let us catch you doing it …. be if we do catch you … and you are French … we won’t say a word.

FIFA at this stage is too French and are obviously biased !

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