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God Save the Queen

Arrangement by Brian May
Performed by Queen

Piano Chords, Transcribed by Shane McDonald
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Details : This is the piano chord transcription for Brian May’s version of God Save the Queen from the Queen album, A Night at the Opera.

G	Em	Am/C	D   Em   D/F#	G	
Em	C	G/D  D#dim  Em 
Am/C	G/D	D	G
G	G/B	G/D	G	D7/A	G
D7	D7/F#	D7/A	D7	G	D/F#
G   C   G  D/F#   Em	G/D /C /B  Am7	   G
C	G/D    D 	C  (guitar interlude for about 8 beats)   
finish on    -> G Major
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