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Roland JV-35 Synth

I bought the Roland JV-35 back in 1995 and it was a very good investment, still running it has been brought around the country and had it’s fair share of bangs and jolts without issue. The quality of sounds on the main board were ok, a tad tinny but the VE JV-1 Expansion Pack was worth getting and the quality of those sounds are very good, maybe not to the level we are at today but certainly they do not sound dated. The only thing is that I should have put an extra £175 towards the price and got the JV-50 as that had a sequencing disk drive which I would certainly have made use of. Compared to modern synths such as a Korg Kronos this Roland looks like a basic entry level synth today.

However, testament to the quality of the Roland build, this synth has been on multiple gigs since 1995 and I have had very few issues. In recent years, heat can sometimes cause the board to turn off momentarily but this is rare. For it’s time this was a great synth.

Roland JV-35 – The Basics

Released: 1993, purchased in Waltons, Dublin for IR£1,075 , Nov 1995
Type:Synth / keyboard.
Synthesis Type: Digital Accoustic simulation
Multi-timbral (number of parts): 16
Midi Controllers : In, Out, Thru
Controllers : 1 ( Sustain )
Drum Section : Number of Drum Kits : 18 including Expansion Patch
Keyboard : Number of Keys : 61

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  • Standard Patches : 226
  • Expansion Pack Patches : 512
  • User Defined Expansion Patches : 256
  • Performances : 8

Upgrade Options : VE-JV1 ( Installed )

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