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Piano and Music Basics

This Music Basics section contains information which may be useful to beginners. This is information which may help if you are learning the piano or keyboard and useful for musical reference purposes. The first section shows how to learn chord shapes and explains what the chords are. Following from that, there is a section on how to actually play chords on a piano. Moving on, there is a basic 101 guide on how to read music. Finally, for more advanced areas, a basic guide on how to transpose music from one key to another.

The music information sections are laid out below.

There are some other music sections which you may find useful if you are learning music, please see the links below.



How I Learned Music

At an early age I started playing piano, maybe around 6 or 7. I wasn’t taking lessons more-so playing by ear. Around the age of 11 I started doing basic piano lessons and I did so for about 6 years to up Grade 5. After that the basic music theory I had from those lessons allowed me to do things like join music groups, such as choirs and bands etc and thus learn about playing live, playing with a group and performing in-front of an audience. Knowing about styles, keys, music time signatures, clefs and chords are all important and it is a good idea to at least have a few lessons by a music teacher so that you can learn best-practice (You can learn a lot of bad habits otherwise). Also, as much as possible I try and do at least 30 minutes practice each day to keep my brain sharp and my playing style and musical memory (if there is such a thing) in good shape.