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MIDI Files

This section has some MIDI Files I made between 1995 and 2005 using a Roland-JV35 Synth / Kawai MP9000 and a MIDI sequencer.

Although it is a lot easier now to edit MIDI files with fantastic software such as Garageband, producing the MIDI files you will find on this page was a lot of fun. In order to produce the MIDI recordings I got to reverse engineer each song, and play the component parts, almost like a musical jigsaw.

There are links to the MIDI recordings below.

I Want it all Queen - MIDI

This is a MIDI file which I recorded in 1999 of Queen’s, “I Want it All” from the album The Miracle.

The Film 94 Theme - BBC

This is a the theme to the Film review programmes on the BBC in the 90s and is a classic standard piece.

A Kind of Magic - Queen - MIDI

This is a MIDI file which I recorded in 1998 of Queen’s, “A Kind of Magic” and was sequenced on Noteworthy composer for PC.

Grande Valse

The is a song written in the early 1900s and later used on Nokia mobile phones as a ringtone.

Most devices should play the MIDI tracks in which ever default software is setup to play MIDI, in some cases they will be downloaded as a .mid file and can be played through a separate MIDI player. I know that really nobody uses Midi any more for playing tracks, we have come on so much now, but Midi is a great way to record music from Midi enabled keyboards and devices, and arranging them on software such as GarageBand etc.

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