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Kawai MP9000 Stage Piano


Keyboard : 88 Wooden Keys, Kawai Enhanced AWA Grand Action, Velocity Sensing and calibration.

Internal Sounds : Concert Grand Piano, Studio Grand Piano, Mellow Grand Piano, Modern Grand Piano, Rock Piano, Electric Piano 1 (Tine), Electric Piano 2 (FM Type), Electric Piano 3 (Reed), Organ 1 (Rock), Organ 2 (Church), Clavi, Vibes, Strings, Choir, Bass 1 (Wood), Bass 2 (Electric)

Dimensions : 57″ x 17 1/2″ x 7 3/4″

Weight : 73 lbs.

Accessory : F-2 Damper/Soft Pedal

Purchased : Pianos Plus, Dublin (€3,000)

The Kawai MP9000 Stage Piano

The Kawai MP9000 is quite a good stage piano and I have used it since 2002. If I had my time again I might have made a different choice. The piano sounds are good but I sometimes feel the sound is not 100% authentic, I think the Roland digital pianos have a far superior sound. That being said the responsiveness of touch is very good due to there being hammer actions in the piano. One downside is that the piano is extremely heavy and if I am doing a gig somewhere it is quite the struggle to get it into the car, at 73lbs. It has served me well and I’m sure will continue to.

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KAWAI MP9000 Stage Piano
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