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Basic Guitar Chords List

Welcome to the Basic Guitar Chords List. This list of complete basic chords for guitar includes a graphical representation of where to place your fingers on a guitars fret board in order to play each chord. This complete Basic Guitar Chords list shows all the major guitar chords on one page for ease of reference. This chord list for guitar is easy to understand and visualise. Hopefully you can play guitar chords quicker but following these diagrams of the guitar chords.

What is included here are the major guitar chords and the minor guitar chords for your reference. Guitar Chords can be easy such as Em and Am or you might find that some guitar chords might be more challenging like F and Bb. I hope you like this Basic Guitar Chords list and if you want to see more chords added please drop me an email.

Further Information on playing Guitar Chords

Information on how to play each guitar chord can be obtained by clicking the titles of each chord on this page or you can reference the main guitar chords page via the link below.

Click here to visit the Guitar Chords Section

Please remember that the guitar chord information here is purely for music information based on my knowledge. This content is all my own work, so if you spot a guitar chord which is incorrect please drop me an email and I will be sure to correct it. (or indeed if there is a guitar chord not listed I will do my best to add it)

Learning Guitar Chords – Quick Tips

If you are learning guitar chords, please remember that practice is the only way you are going to get the transitions between chords correct. Try playing the chord you are familiar with and quickly try play a different chord. e.g. Go from Em to Am a few times.
Follow on from this and try the following 10 Guitar Chord exercises; (note they get harder as you go down)

  • Em to C
  • C to Am
  • Am to G
  • G to Em
  • E to A
  • A to B
  • B to G
  • Bb to F
  • D to G to A
  • F to C to Bb


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Basic Guitar Chords for Guitar - A List Basic Chords for Guitar players
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Basic Guitar Chords for Guitar - A List Basic Chords for Guitar players
A list of the Basic Chords for Guitar if you are learning guitar for the first time. You can view the complete list of guitar chords in a basic image which can help visualise where your fingers go on the fret boards.
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