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G minor Guitar Chord

This is the G minor Guitar Chord or Gmin, and is quite an easy chord to play especially if you already learned the F minor chord, as you simply have to barre the first 3 strings on the 3rd fret and then place your finger on the 5th fret of the D string. The notes for G minor are G, Bb and D.

This is the G minor Guitar Chord

Songs using the G minor Guitar Chord

Like I Can – Sam Smith

Playing the Gmin chord as shown above might take a bit of practice, if you are only learning you could play the thinnest 3 strings as a barred chord, you would get away with that. Adding the extra note on the D string might take a bit of practice.

The notes for G minor are G Bb and D so therefore if you play the chord for Gmin snd strum from the D string the notes you are playing are G Bb D G in that order.

Note, since the notes E and A (the 2 strings not being played) are not in the guitar chord of G minor you should not play or pluck these notes. The Gmin guitar chord will appear in some common keys so it is worth knowing.

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