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G Major Guitar Chord

This is the G Major Guitar Chord and is one of the foundation chords, you won’t get very far if you cannot play this chord as almost every second song uses this chord. The two E strings are played on the 3rd fret and the A string is played on the 2nd fret and that it, just strum and you are playing the chord of G.

G Major Guitar Chord

Songs using the G Major Guitar Chord

39 – Queen

Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Come as you are – Nirvana

Crazy Little Thing called Love – Queen

Playing the G Major chord is fairly easy and with a bit of practice you should have it mastered. If you play a song in the key of C, G or D then you will probably encounter a G very fast indeed. The GMaj guitar chord is probably one of the first guitar chords you will learn.

The notes for the G Major chord are G B and D, so therefore, if you play the chord for Amin snd strum from the A string the notes you are playing are A E A C E in that order.