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F Minor Guitar Chord

This is the F Minor Guitar Chord (or Fmin) and it may not be one you choose to learn first as most people might learn songs which use Em, 1 semitone below F Minor. It might be a bit easier to play then F Major as you can barre the first 3 strings on the first fret and then stretch to the 3rd fret to play the 3rd fret on the D string

F Minor Guitar Chord

Songs using the F Minor Guitar Chord

You Know You’re Right – Nirvana

Playing the F minor Chord on guitar is fairly easy and just like the G minor chord if you feel you can’t play the note on the 3rd fret you can just barre the 3 thinnest strings on the 1st fret.

The notes for F minor are F Ab C so therefore if you play the full chord for Fmin and strum from the A string the notes you are playing are A F Ab C F in that order.

Note the thickest E string is not in the chord of F min so therefore do not strum or play this string. If you wish you can try wrap your thumb around the back of the guitar and play the first fret of the thickest E string , i.e. making it F and this will make a fuller sounding chord as that extra F note will be almost like a bass note and is the root of the chord also.