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F Major Guitar Chord

This is the F Major Guitar Chord and it can be one of the more difficult chords to learn due to the way the fingers need to be positioned. Two fingers on the first fret for E and B strings, 2nd fret for the G string and 3rd fret for the D string.

F Major Guitar Chord

Songs using the F Major Guitar Chord

Don’t Stop me now – Queen

Hey Jude – The Beatles

We are the Champions – Queen

The Scientist – Coldplay

Bed of Roses – Bon Jovi

Playing F Major Guitar Chord for me was one of the trickiest to learn. The guitar chord of FMaj has a somewhat cramped position of the fingers and this caused me problems when I was learning – I could hear the note but it wasn’t clean, so this chord may take some practice.

The notes for the F Major guitar chord are F A and C so therefore if you play the F Major Guitar Chord and strum from the A string the notes you are playing are A F A C F in that order.

Note, since the thickest E string on the guitar is not played, if this was strummed or played it would add the note E into the chord, if you can, you can try wrap your thumb around and play the first fret. If you cannot do this, simply omit the string from bring played.