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E Minor Guitar Chord

The E Minor Guitar Chord (also written as Em or Emin) is probably one of the simplest guitar chords to play, maybe even the first guitar chord you might learn because only 2 fingers are used to play the chord. Just put the fingers on the 2nd fret on the A and D strings and now you have the E Minor chord.

 E Minor Guitar Chord - the chord of E minor

Songs which use the E Minor Guitar Chord

Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

Save Me – Queen

The notes for the E minor chord are E G and B, therefore if you strum all the strings starting with the thickest E string, the notes you will play are E B E G B E in that order.

Since the E, G and B (i.e. the notes you don’t have your fingers on) are in the scale of E minor you can strum all the strings without worrying about hitting a note not in the scale. If you find a song which uses the Emin chord then you will probably find that the other chords in the song might include Bm, C or G. The Em guitar chord is very frequent and it would certainly be recommended as one of the first chords for you to learn … it’s fairly easy too.