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D Major Guitar Chord

The D Major Guitar Chord is one of the fundamental guitar chords and you will need to be able to play this well as it appears in many many guitar songs.  If you can consider the shape of the D Major Guitar Chord as that of a downward arrow (D for Down) or you could view it as being very like a D on its side with the 3 thinnest strings being played. With learning guitar, the initial learning curve is all about how you memorise the chord shapes (in the TV show Friends, Joey and Phoebe mentioned the Claw and the Old Lady, but I’m not sure which chords they referred to)

D Major Guitar Chord - Play the Chord of D

Songs which use the D Major Guitar Chord

Crazy Little Thing called Love – Queen

Save Me – Queen

Seven Seas of Rhye – Queen

Playing the D Major Chord is very easy, and since this is a fundamental chord it is worth learning well and you will come across it in songs which are in the key of A, D, G and E.

The notes for the chord of D Maj are D F# and A so therefore if you play the chord of D, starting from the A string you are playing the notes A D A D F# in that order – note that the thickest E string is not played since E is not in the chord of D major.