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C Minor Guitar Chord

The C Minor Guitar Chord (also written as Cm or Cmin) is probably not one you will be starting with as it can be a bit tricky to play. If you have learned how to play the B minor chord then the C minor chord is simply one fret down from Bmin. Note that the chord starts on the 3rd fret.

Cmin Guitar Chord


Songs using C Minor Guitar Chord

If you wish to include the C Minor chord in your practice then the following songs include that chord;

Skyfall – Adele

If you already know how to play the chord of Bmin then you should have no problems playing the C minor chord as it is simply played one fret further down the fretboard. Note that since the E and A are in not the scale of C min you should not play all of the strings, just play or pluck those you have placed your fingers on. The chord go C minor is made up of C Eb and G.

Therefore if you strum from the D string, the notes you are playing G C Eb G

If you find a song which uses Cmin chord then you will probably find that the other chords in the song might also be the lesser common chords, but it is a good chord to know.