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B minor Guitar Chord

This is the B minor Guitar Chord (also written as Bm or Bmin) and this chord is not that difficult to master, starting on the second fret, place your fingers on the next 2 frets , 3 and 4 in sequence and the last finger rests beside the 3rd on fret 4.

B minor Guitar Chord

Songs which use the B minor Guitar Chord

A Hard Days Night – The Beatles

Playing the B minor Chord is a bit easier than the B Maj chord as the fingers have a bit of an easier configuration, quite similar to how your fingers are positioned for C Major. 

The chord is fairly common so it is worth knowing once you have mastered the fundamental chords of C, D, E, Em, G, A and Amin. You will find that any jam session you encounter, will require you to know the Bm guitar chord.

The notes in the B minor chord are B D and F# so if you start strumming on the D string the notes played are F# B D F# in that order.