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B Major Guitar Chord

This is B Major and can be one of the trickier chords to play cleanly. If you can imagine the chord of A Major which is 002220 , the chord of B major is 2 semitones up from that, so you need to add 2 onto all the played strings , so omitting the E and A strings which we won’t play, you then get 4442 , i.e. the first finger is on the 2nd fret and the 2,3,4th fingers are playing the 4th fret. Bringing this logic further, if you moved this exact formation up another fret, you would play the chord of C major, i.e. 5553 (i.e. C major in a different shape)

B Major Guitar Chord

Songs which use the B Major Guitar Chord

I want to break Free – Queen

Playing the B Major Guitar Chord is not that easy and it can take a bit of practice to get a clean sound. For me, I find that the cramped positions of the 3 fingers on the 4th fret were my problem. It does take a bit of practice with it is worth it as the chord of B Major will appear in songs which use chords like E and A major. Since these are fairly common keys, there is a good chance you will have to play BMaj at some point early in your learning, so it is worth knowing how to play it. However, the BMaj guitar chord was the one I hd most difficulty with, along with Bb which is very similar and the chord of F.

The notes for B Major are B D# and F# so therefore if you play the chord for B Maj and strum from the D string the notes you are playing are F# B D and F# in that order. Since the 2 open strings E and A are not in the chord of B Maj these should not be played.