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Amin Guitar Chord

This is the Amin Guitar Chord or A minor. If you know how to play the chord of AMaj, then it is a very simple one finger change to play the minor version of this chord. The normal A major chord is often noted by it’s 222 configuration where as the Amin Guitar Chord is 221. (that numbering format is called Guitar Tab)

Amin Guitar Chord or A minor

Songs which use Amin Guitar Chord

House of the Rising Sun – The Animals

White Queen – Queen


Playing the Amin Chord is very easy as all the notes which are open can be playing without fear of playing a note not in the chord. The Amin guitar chord would be worth knowing, especially since it is so easy to play. The Amin chord is probably one you should start off with along with Em and perhaps GMaj,

The formation of this guitar chord is very similar to the Chord of E Major with the difference being that is starts one string further to the right (or closer to the thinner strings). The notes for the A minor chord are A C and E so therefore if you play the chord for Amin snd strum from the A string the notes you are playing are A E A C E in that order.