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Amin 7 Guitar Chord

This is the Amin 7 Guitar Chord or A minor 7th, it is very similar to the Amin or A minor chord but you will notice that the middle of the 3 notes is omitted. If you know how to play Amin then playing this chord will not be a problem.

Amin 7 Guitar Chord or A minor 7th





Songs which use the Amin 7 Guitar Chord

White Christmas – Irving Berlin

Que Sera Sera – Traditional


Playing The Amin 7 Guitar Chord is very easy as all the notes which are open can be playing without fear of playing a note not in the chord. This guitar chord of Amin7 would be worth knowing, especially since it is so easy to play.

The formation of the chord is very similar to the Chord of C Major with the chord of C having an extra note played on the 3rd fret of the A string. The 3rd fret brings the A up 3 semitones to C, leaving the A string open plays the note A with the notes in the Amin7 chord being A E G C E in that order if your strum is starting on the A string.